20 Reasons Why Website is Important for Business


20 Reasons Why Website is Important for Business


The founder and chairman of Microsoft Corp BILL GATES say - " If Your Business Is Not On The Internet, Then Your Business Will Be Out Of Business ".

Currently, In India a campaign launched by the Indian Government to improve online infrastructure (by increasing internet connectivity) and offer Indian citizens easy online services to making India a digitally empowered country.

According to market research agency Kantar IMRB - India's internet users expected to register double-digit growth to reach 627 million in 2019, driven by rapid internet growth in rural areas.

So, As a Business point of view to reach this huge Number of people / Viewers / potential Customer every Business  ( whether it's big or small ) need an online presence through Website.

Now, If you think about your online presence, We are Sketcherworld Technologies  help you to expand your fledgling business step by step through online

Website Design & Development is not our prime objective. We will help you to make an online BRAND.


20 Advantages of Having a Website For Your Business : -


Now, just before we get started with all these reasons, you may want to go grab a coffee and get comfortable. There’s a huge amount of information to digest in the words below.

01. Millions of Your Potential Customer Searching your Business On the web.

02. Making Website is Less Expensive than Opening a New store.

03. Your Customer Can Access Your Online Store Anytime.

04. You Can Target A Big Market Even Globally.

05. The geographical obstacle is no matter for your business.

06. Your website is your product showcase.

07.  a website helps you or your employees to use it as the Business profile.

08.  You can easily follow your customers and their interest.

09.  Your Website helps you to collect data about visitors and generate new leads.

10.  Promote business at a low cost.

11.  Easily understand likes, dislikes, buying behavior of your customer.

12.  Always keep updated to your clients or customer with your service or products.

13.  Using Live chat get a review of your buyer/customer/client.

14.  your Website helps you to Collect Data About Visitors And Generate New Leads.

15.  An online support system always helps you to solve your customer grievances.

16.  A website helps you to create your Business credibility and legitimacy

17.  Your website can provide social proof.

18.  Your Online Presence helps you to save business hours.

19.  To compete with your competitor.

20.  Website Helps you to bring down the Offline Marketing Costs.



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