Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing Which Should I Use in My Business


Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing Which Should I Use in My Business

 As we know Traditional media such as television, radio and print ads in newspapers and magazines but currently  digital media like email and social media, that have increased the   opportunities for big and small  size companies,  to connect with the people and spread the word.

Now the question is should you Use for your business and why:-

TV Advertising


Television is an effective advertising medium since the time the device was introduced in the year 1939.With the help of television ads, brands could gain recognition, promote their products and services and also help grow their business. Television advertisement can create a strong impact on their audience because of it audio and visual effects and mass coverage also is an another important reason of its popularity.


a. TV advertising requires a high production budget, creative fees, production charges, actors or actress fees. This is considered to be a main drawback for the small marketers who do not have enough money to spare on TV.

b. TV channel s depends on third party tracking companies like Nielsen and Comscore to determine audience demographics and ad targets. But it still not offer the level of audience and performance tracking as online media.

c. If your commercial is properly produced and you wants make any changes on it wants to add any new service or offer it would be very difficult, expensive and time consuming.

Radio Advertising


a. Lead times with print and TV advertisements can be exceptionally long, particularly with arranging and may take as long as a year for the promotion to run. Interestingly, creating a radio advertisement can produce between half a month. Another advantage of this is the capacity to adjust and respond rapidly to changing market situations.

b. Promoting works with recurrence and contacting your group of spectators more than once, Radio is the ideal mode for this, having the option to open your promotion to the group of spectators more than once to construct mindfulness. Also due to the loyalty of people listening to the same station, you can affect similar individuals all the more frequently.

c. Radio station as of now targets explicit socioeconomics and market portions. In this way, by picking which station to communicate with, you can secure in your potential clients and increment the recurrence of conveying your message.


a. The human personality can recall what it sees superior to anything what it can hear. What you hear, in snappy, progression isn't enrolled in your mind appropriately. What small amount is enrolled, it can't be recalled totally later. Along these lines, odds are that you'll barely ever recall an ad totally on the radio. Regardless of whether you do recollect it, it'll be hard for you to comprehend what it suggests as should be obvious the article it discusses. Being human, we generally accept just what we see.

b. Radio promoting isn't moderate in the short run. For you to enlist your ad in the psyches of your clients, it'll take you in any event a few ads and continued broadcasting over a couple of days. This implies, on the off chance that you promote just once, odds are you'll barely make any benefits. Additionally, the quantity of clients you get may be not as much as what you have to cover up expenses of publicizing on radio and arrive at balance even.

c.Tuning in to the radio is done for the most part in the vehicle when you're driving. This decreases the amount of attention you can give it anyway. Big companies or organisations always advertise their products or services in busy slots for maximum traffic and that will increased cost and also the competition.

Print Media Advertising


a. The two media outlets―magazines and newspapers―have a faithful readership. This can be extremely valuable for advertisers gaining new customers.

b. If you are focusing on a specific geographical region, you can do as such easily. For instance, a local news paper would be a best medium for advertise about a new business in local area.


a. print media advertisement  sometimes  very expensive.

b. There is some limitation because The specific newspaper may not really be available every time your target people, which implies, your message might be missed!

c. publish an advertise in a newspaper or any such print media need some time. It would be really very difficult if you in a hurry or faced with a tight deadline.

d. print media can’t give you a wide reach else it’s too much expensive specially for small or medium business.

e. lastly, for print media we need paper but did you know that it takes 500,000 trees to print the weekly Sunday Paper in the US alone? In print media huge number of tons of waste creates heaps of garbage and which is very harmful for our society, on the other hand huge demand of paper reason of deforestation and that leads to slow destruction of our planet by adding to the ongoing global warming crisis.


Digital Media Advertising


Digital promoting benefits organizations of all sizes by offering access to the mass market at a moderate cost. It allows truly personalized marketing. The main advantage of digital marketing is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way.


1. Global reach 2.Lower cost 3. Personalised marketing strategy 4.track and measures the behaviour and interest of your potential customer 5. Increased interactivity 6.Easily re-targets customer or clients 7. Always update your customers through a fast mode of e-mails. 8. Using Digital media platform you can create reliability and gain trustworthiness and confidence of the customers.


1. Worldwide competition is too high  2. Real-time customer complaints and feedback. 3. Higher transparency increased price competition. 4. Online Security, privacy related issues.5. Trained and expert person require managing business online.6.sometimes trusts is issue because of online fraud.

Conclusion: -

There's unquestionably a lot of favourable circumstances to changing over to digital advertising, magazines and papers are gradually going computerized and a lot of our shopping and banking are being done on the web.

No doubt with our lives turning advanced digital form it's a characteristic change for our advertising to be computerized as well. Traditional marketing still has a task to carry out in publicizing however it will in the long run be supplanted by a digital marketing.


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